Atelier Antony was formed by our principal designer Antony DeQuin in Los Angeles California. Antony always had an eye for putting things together at a young age, from fashion to interior decorating. His parents would often come home from work to find the entire house restyled. This talent lead him to take a big risk after working in the banking industry for 10 years. He decided to follow his passion and moved to Paris France in 1998. He was fortunate to work under architect Christian Broque for several years. True to Antony's spirit, he wanted to learn more, so he moved back to Los Angeles where he obtained his degree in Interior Design in 2004. Shortly after, Antony was asked to decorate a television set for a pilot TV show. Since then his work as a production designer has been featured on major networks. He has designed movie sets for some of Hollywood's finest talent. Always looking for ways to expand his creative vision, he decided to start Atelier Antony after 13 years working in the entertainment industry. Though Antony continues to decorate movie sets, he now enjoys helping people to create spaces that reflect how they want to live.

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Atelier Antony

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